Product Overview

An enhanced cable tie easy to pass, include the tie body and buckle head, provide passing channel and elastic buckle part, unidirectional and close teeth designed on the back of tie body, the abrasive side of elastic buckle part is coordinated with the teeth, the side of buckle head facing on tie body provide a notch, and two support blocks are set between this side and front side of tie body, laid on two side of notch. This notch can increase the elastic distortion surplus, and the elastic displacement increase as well, the abrasion force of cable passing through decrease, operation is easy and smooth, the clamping force also increase. Furthermore, two support blocks on two sides of notch:

(1) horizontal stiffener assembled on the
bottom of notch, to reinforce the withstand
force of clamping head.

(2) The connection between buckle head and tie body is sloping jointed, this can increase the contact area between buckle head and tie body, enhance the connection force. The structure to withstand force is reasonable, support is reliable and solid, the notch also will not decrease the strength of buckle head,
even if the elastic clamp part withstand large force, it will not turn over, slip out or be broken, the bundle force is highly reliable.

  • The tension is 25% more than ordinary.
  • Self-locking type cable tie, and more easy to
    use, and small insert resistance 50%.
  • Aesthetic appearance,The easy operation
    can saving your time and cost,and improve

Nylon Cable Tie

Material:  nylon 66, 94V-2 certificated by UL. Heat-resisting, erosion control, insulate well and not apt to age

Color: natural (or white standard color) UV black and other colors are available as requested.

Note: If the user need special temperature nylon cable tie, we can supply.

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